We have different backgrounds and motivations for why we meet – each of us comes here as an individual.
Most of us have in common to be unsatisfied though– unsatisfied for different reasons some of the reasons are shared by most of us, some not at all some of them only partially.
We think that many other people feel the same way.

One of these shared motivations would be the injustice in the world. We face injustice daily, may it be the unfair distribution of the worlds goods, as well as in our close surroundings, may it be the injustice in executing laws, social injustice, injustice in salaries…

We are usually not the Ones that really profit from the current system but rather the Ones that need to work for keeping this system alive. Some of us are in better situations, some in worse.

We all agree that Human Dignity and a good life for ALL must must become highest priority. Any political and economical decisions must be measured by that; the current system fails this test!

We think that many movements and initiatives have already achieved much, but altogether united we could really achieve a significant change.

We try to keep our goals and projects as open as possible so far. We are aware that we may only see some of the spikes of the iceberg, but the more eyes work together, the faster we can change the course that we are heading to – even if the musicians keep on playing 🙂
We think it is important to recognize that – no matter how different our motivations may (or may not) be – we all pull on one single string in order to achieve this significant change.

We work in consensus – that may take more time than to vote a 51:49 majority decision as in the parliament – but these agreements have a deeper effect in the group (and a lot more advantages 🙂 )

We know, we cannot change the world in one day but then … Rome -Wasn’t Built in a Day…
The more people start to open their eyes and start to think more again – and see things as they are – the more livable and fair our world will be.

We want to show ourselves and the others, that we are not alone – that our destinies, wishes, outrage and helplessness, have all the same root:


Following the example of the still ongoing peaceful protests in Europe and the whole world (even though most of them are being ignored by the press) we will celebrate a “patchwork” event during the Global Day of Action on

****** 15th OCTOBER 2011 ******



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