What Organizers and YOU Can Do For Effective Change | October 2011


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[… What is the ROOT CAUSE of the problem we are dealing with? Organizers need to be careful to keep themselves focused. When veering off in too many directions the effect is a dilution of the message and effectiveness of any actions taken. Too often we attack the SYMPTOMS of a problem, rather than the ROOT CAUSE of the problems themselves.
Doctor Analogy: Consider this, if you went to a doctor because you were experiencing abdominal pain, and he gave you pain killers to ease the pain, you would rightly question the doctor for treating only the SYMPTOMS of the problem (the pain). However, what is the ROOT CAUSE of this pain? Is it disease, blockage, ulcers, or something else? Why is this not being addressed?
Yet, we often focus on the SYMPTOMS, rather than ROOT CAUSES when it comes to dealing with the many social, economic, environmental, and political problems we face. The evidence for this is the fact that our elected officials no longer represent the peoples’ interests, but rather the interests of a financially elite few.
For instance –bailouts for banks, tax cuts for the corporations and millionaires, lack of prosecution for Wall St bond fraud, endless wars, and many others. What these all have in common is that they help the “interests” in our nation. All of this is taking place while people suffer program cuts for elderly, veterans, homeless people, families being foreclosed upon, food aid for women with children, those needing medical care, students, and others finding themselves near the bottom of the economic pyramid.
However, these are all SYMPTOMS of the problem, not the ROOT CAUSE. Demonstrating against any of these issues is demonstrating against the SYMPTOMS without addressing the ROOT CAUSE. …]


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