Hello, we are Online !!!


Maybe for the first blog,  a short introduction of the network…


We collect tools and information channels we use. It is not a homepage, it’ to help the oversight 🙂 and easily access tools. If you have an idea or proposal for more connects just drop us an e-mail 15o@gmx.at

Try to stay up to date. Channels, Tools ect. may be changed  – If so, it will be published here…


Use the Forum to stay connected, collect information and exchange news, infos… We heartly invite everybody, to come and participate. It should also be used for proposals and preparation of meetings. As well as reports of meetings ect . is published there. You should be able to view and issue posts/threads also without application as a guest – if not please let us know 🙂

We publish Dates for assemblies, working groups, meetings of related groups….

You will find we-rise-up net there, which is used for working on texts, ect., as a wiki, for “action points” … There are projects started there (some of them linked to Forum Posts – and vice versa).

If you need support, have quetions, whatever -please let us know (e-mail, Facebook, forum …)

– We’ll be happy to help… 🙂


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